FacemaskThe Covid-19 lockdown is a good time to use up those pieces of cotton fabric you may have at home.  Make them into washable face masks for yourself, family and friends.  The fabric should be closely woven, cotton fabric.  

Here are a few YouTube clips for choosing a pattern:


Eco-tipInstead of cling-film, cover food in the fridge with plates/saucers.  Wrap pastry-to-rest in a bowl with a plate on top.  Other alternatives are lidded containers, foil, baking paper or silicone.

Make the decision to not use cling-film anymore :) 


Eco-tip of the month Buy Fairtrade food as often as possible to support farmers and give them a fair wage.   It is Fairtrade Fortnight from Monday 24 February to Sunday 8 March 2020.  Take a look at this clip about Fairtrade chocolate.



Japanese fabric gift wrappingMake a New Year's resolution not to buy wrapping paper this year.  Use fabric instead and follow YouTube demonstrations on how to wrap presents in the Japanese style.  Purchase fabric cheaply either on-line, or find off-cuts at haberdashery shops or charity shops in Canterbury.   No more wastage of paper and no more sticky tape!

Here are some suggested YouTube clips:

Japanese Furoshiki - how to wrap boxes

How to gift wrap with a striking flower decoration

How to wrap a bottle of wine with cloth    and then How to create a bag to carry your gifts

NOTE: The Benefice is registered with the A Rocha Eco-Church programme.  



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