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Christening (or Baptism) / Thanksgiving

baptismA christening service is the start of your Christian journey or your child's - a life with Christ.  A christening (otherwise known as baptism) can be offered to anyone who lives within the area of St Dunstan's, St Mildred's or St Peter's.  If not, perhaps you have a historic connection with one of the churches through your family.  Alternatively, you may prefer a service of thanksgiving.  A christening or thanksgiving service can take place either during a Sunday morning service or as a 'stand-alone' service.  Speak with Rev Jo Richards via the Contact Us form or phone 07824 155355 if you are thinking of having this sort of service.  She will be only too happy to chat things through with you. 

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Wedding or Blessing

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St Dunstan's, St Peter's and St Mildred's Churches are beautiful venues for a wedding.  For a church wedding, certain criteria need to be met, under what is called the Marriage Measure.  Check out at  Alternatively, you may prefer a wedding blessing.  We warmly welcome enquiries from same sex couples to discuss how we can help celebrate their relationship and commitment.

Discuss it further with Rev Jo Richards via the Contact Us form or phone 07824 155355.


In memory of

Rev Jo Richards and the Church congregation are here to help and support you following the death of someone close to you.  Your initial contact would be through the Funeral Director.  A member of the Ministry Team can support you in deciding the most appropriate service - a church funeral, a memorial service, a service at the local crematorium, or the interment of ashes in any of the three Gardens of Remembrance.  

More information can be found at  Contact Rev Jo Richards via the Contact Us form or phone 07824 155355.

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