A selection of pictures from around the Benefice: 


 Openable celebrated its first birthday A different view of tree planting. Tree Planting at St Mildred's, 2.7.23 The first day of the Benefice Camino Bulebells Taken yesterday in the cemetery. Taken in front of a garden near where I live. Nativities in St Mildred, made by students from Canterbury College  A wee friend joined the harvest sermon this morning at St Mildred’s,  listened intently.  Elizabeth clearing hall entrance for a special day tomorrow,  (Saturday I've asked her permission.) Wednesday lunch club, Such success, thank you all. St Dunstan's, Harvest Thanksgiving Service(1) Duck Race, Rosemary from St Dunstan's. A lucky photo – the Goodyear airship (59 metres long!) appears to ‘land’ on St Dunstan’s weather vane in July. Rev Jo and Jim taking part in the Pilgrims Hospices Walking Challenge. Starlings feeding in the garden. Carpet Moth on the window. Time for tea. Alicia and sheep in the same meadow. Sunrise over the city this morning. St. Dunstan's Church with its display of hearts. Partly frozen fountain in Dane John Gardens.  Quite spectacular! Snow Hug. Olaf the snowman joining us at the Rectory. St Mildred's  in the snow.   Two snow people who were keeping watch yesterday.Chilly evening. Lockdown at night on my balcony! Taken by Tessa Old man's beard, a sign of Spring. Bicycle from the Crab and Winkle. Catkins, a sign of Spring. Knitted Angels outside St Mildred's and St Peter's. Contemplating Advent at St Peter's.  Angels bringing comfort and joy Knitted Angels outside St Dunstan's. We’re ready for Christmas. Painted pebbles from a messy church family. Part of the river Stour and Lenham Church on the Stour Valley Walk.  Service of light Christmas Lights twinkling at 2.00am. Gee Canterbury Bell flowering in November, surprise!  Spring already,  Chilham watermill. Views near Chilham. A painting I found in my Uncles ‘memory ‘ book, dated 1918. Bishop Rose outside St Mildred's. Canterbury’s Rotary Club Purple4Purple campaign 'End Polio now' Philippa and Tessa on a walk along the seafront at Herne Bay, next to the statue of Amy Johnson, pilot. Crab and Winkle pathway Harbledown Churchyard  A rewarding walk at the Uni Harvest festival at St Dunstan's Rev Kevin's last preaching Taken on the Ride and Stride 2020 Path leading to Reculver on Oyster Bay Trail. Photos from St Peter's this morning. Elephant hawk moth caterpillar in my garden. Flower arrangement in St Dunstan's Church. Wellcome back to St Peter's, 16th August. Wellcome back to St Mildred's, 9th August. End of the service, 2nd August 11am. Thank you Rev Jo. My sunflowers. Never grown them before! Chris displaying her knitting. Wellcome back to St.Dunstan’s, 2nd August. Wedding at St Dunstans, first service in church since lock down. Tea party and elephant. Arbour at the uni of Kent

 A walk near the White Cliffs on a lovely sunny day. Commemoration of St Thomas More. Taken on a Benefice walk! A huge snake in No Man's Orchard! Yellow beauty, in garden. A river walk in Fordwich. Chris with knitted blanket. A common spotted orchid taken in Blean Woods. Helen in her garden  A set of Scrubs made by Violet. Abbots Lodge rose gardens. Another uni walk. To our housebound friends, a little garden treat. Elizabeth and her knitted and crocheted unicorn and lamas. A birthday treat, still no post. Cathedral is still there! Chris with her display in her front garden on VE Day. In Harkness Drive, at 6 pm, VE Day, 75 yrs. A day to remember. Taken by Esme VE day photo. Taken by Christine Liz on VE day. VE Day.This is my front window display. VE day photo. Taken by Marion VE day photo. Taken by Philippa VE day photo. Taken by Sue VE day photo. Taken by Michele VE day photo. My grandmother's sewing box had most of the items Taken by Caroline Outside St Peter's today. Taken by David Outside St Peter's today . Taken by David  Amaryllis has  finally bloomed 2 years after I first planted it. Saturday at the Uni. In honour of St Philip & St Jude (May 1st). 

Hoveton Hall Gardens Norfolk 4 week old Pink Lady Apple pip. Padded tea cosy that I have sewn. Footstool cover. Easter fruit cake. Chair-seat or cushion cover. Larkey Valley Woods. Constanze and Robbie on their bikes. Our exercise to No-man's land, Harbledown. St Dunstan's Church. Can see my garden again, our Spanish bluebells, as can't get to woods. A lonely bluebell. Rainnow Art by Bertie. St Peter’s at Eastertide. Morning Walk Easter box for my window display at home.  Easter morning Easter Day 2020 outside St Dunstan's, St Mildred's and St Peter's churches. Easter Day 2020 Easter Day Eucharist in Brian’s study. An Easter garden outside the door of St Mildred's church. Easter cakes. One a penny two a penny! Can you smell them? Palm Cross made by Bertie Palm Cross made by Lucas Palm Cross made by Ann Three. Days later fully open, beauty! Palm Crosses made by Liz Palm Cross made by MarionExercise yesterday evening, playing throw and catch Colour and pleasure, enjoying every day!! Our board game Catan which we play every night. Trying to keep in practice! At work 1 At work 

 Burgate Earth hourGarden party

 Walk yesterday by the Stour. Candle NHS Bishopsbourne Bishopsbourne 1 1

Bourne Park, Nailbourne, Bishopsbourne Now 3 month old Primula I'll find a way Social distancing? Life goes on Life goes on Hyacinth Locking church door