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Note:  We have begun to upload the weekly sermons on this website.  Take time to read them prayerfully, or read the sermons with a couple of friends together over coffee.  

IchthusOpen Deanery Synod - Thursday 28 February 2019 from 19.30 - 20.30 hrs at St Peter's Church.  'Mission Opportunities as Canterbury Changes'.  Come and share current activities and discuss future opportunities.

St Peter's Lent LecturesSt Peter's Lent Lectures.  St Peter's Church has been committed to providing Lent lectures for over 50 years.  This year's theme is, 'Saints through the Ages'.  All lectures begin at 12.30 hrs followed by lunch.  £4.00 (suggested donation).  Everyone is welcome.


 Tuesday 12 March 2019

Saints and Martyrs of Today 

 Rev Michael Reeve

 Tuesday 19 March

 Saints through Art

 Mr Peter Murphy

 Tuesday 26 March

 Saints through Music

 Canon Christopher Gower

 Tuesday 2 April

 Saints and Spirituality

 Brs Austin and Kevin

 Tuesday 9 April

 Saints of Canterbury

 Rev Brian McHenry

L'Arche project

Half-Barrel Plots ProjectL'Arche community grows produce on The Glebe at St Mildred's Church.  Would you like to share that experience with other passionate growers in a beautiful riverside setting in the heart of Canterbury?  Join this project which is open to friends, volunteers and members of L'Arche, Kent.  They will meet on Sundays over the Spring and Summer from 15.00 - 17.00 hrs.  Contact: 643025.