Eco Tip


Consider whether your money is ethically invested. Is your bank concerned with the social and environmental impact of its investments and loans? Ethical banks are regulated by the same authorities as traditional banks, abiding by the same rules. Check out these banks: Triodos, the Co-op or Ecology Building Society. Like energy suppliers, you can change where you bank by simply informing the new one and they will do the swap for you. Matthew 6:21: Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also!


No Mow May Challenge

If you have a garden, would you like to take part in May in the National Trust's 'No Mow May' challenge? Letting flowers bloom on your lawn provides ten times more nectar for bees and other pollinators. 

At the end of the month you could also count the number of flowers on your lawn and enter the conservation charity, Plantlife's Every Flower Counts survey to find out how many bees your garden supports.


PeatIf not already doing so, consider buying peat-free compost for your garden.  Not only are peatlands depleting fast but removing peat damages amazing wildlife and releases carbon into the atmosphere. Look for the peat-free signs in garden centres.



Feb Eco ImageDid you know that the UK currently uses over 2 billion cotton buds every year? You can help reduce this number by using compostable cotton buds. A good option are the BamBaw Cotton Buds from this website, where you can buy a pack of 400 for £4.50 with both the packaging and the buds themselves 100% compostable.


43% of our carbon footprint comes from our own home environment. We all need to consider lowering our energy consumption to meet the levels agreed globally. Have you taken advantage of the government grant scheme to reduce your energy costs - two thirds of the cost of improvements or up to £5,000? Check out this website. Get quotes from eco firms they endorse, fill in a form online and submit it. Bob's your uncle! 

Between 29-31 January, the RSPB invites us to do a Garden Bird Watch count. For an hour next weekend, sit inside with a coffee and record the birds that come to your garden. To register, get the bird identity chart and instructions click here.

The Ten Commandments of Food, proposed by World Council of Churches (WCC)