St Peter's Church in Canterbury hosts regular services of the Romanian Orthodox Church.  Father Grigore Pașcu is responsible for the mission and he writes: 

Fr Grigore Pașcu - Romanian Orthodox Church service, Canterbury, Kent UK

The orthodox mission in Canterbury is under the canonical jurisdiction of the Romanian Orthodox Metropolis of Western and Southern Europe, Great Britain’s Deanery, with the headquarters in Paris: an autonomous metropolis that belongs to the Romanian Orthodox Church (Romanian Patriarchate).

The metropolis is governed by the Metropolitan Synod formed by His Eminence Iosif, Archbishop and Metropolitan; His Excellency Siluan, Bishop of Italy; His Excellency Timothy, Bishop of Spain and Portugal; and His Excellency Marc, Auxiliary Bishop.

Romanian Orthodox Divine LiturgyThe metropolis has its jurisdiction over the entire Western and Southern Europe, having the following structure:

The metropolis is organised into parishes, which are grouped into Deaneries and monasteries and includes few associations.  The mission started in 2014, when Fr. Grigore Pașcu was ordained as priest for this mission.

Video taken during a typical Romanian Orthodox Service at St Peter's Church

Video courtesy of Eutalia Rebegea.