Rev Jo Richards


Good morning everyone, hope this continues to find you all well this morning - it is another beautiful day out there. All well here at the Rectory, with the four of us getting into a routine of a 'new norm'. So, yesterday I spent time in the office (all well there), printing off resources, bulletin, and getting readings for our folk who are off-line, then along to the post office at St Stephen's (which incidentally is now open 10.00 - 3.00) to post these....that was my exercise for the day - do miss my walks around the city.

So plans for today, after morning prayer, Zoom meeting, and then more planning for our services for this week, along with catching up with folk by phone, and not forgetting my daily exercise!

However,  please do come forward if you feel able to record a reading or intercessions as per my email yesterday. An audio reading is fine, you don't have to do a video.  A recording can be done on a phone, nothing fancy is needed!

Reminder of upcoming services this Holy Week:

Morning Prayer: 9.00

Compline: 7.00 from the Rectory Tues & Weds

Maundy Thursday

Liturgy for Maundy Thursday: 7.30

Good Friday:

Stations of the Cross: 10.00 led by Rev Brian McHenry (details to follow)

The Last Hour of the Cross: 2.00 Readings and reflections

Easter Day:

Eucharist streamed from the Rectory at 10.00

Also do check the Cathedral website, which are providing reflections for Holy Week: www.canterbury-cathedral.org

God Bless you all!

Morning prayer here: https://youtu.be/5PMQ2PPtYMY

Rev Jo


Good morning everyone,

I hope this finds you all well on this Monday of Holy Week...and lovely to have had so many of you follow our service yesterday - it is so very strange, but it is certainly doing church in a very different way, and we are having folk who wouldn't necessary come to our churches tuning in, both on FaceBook Live, and then views on YouTube - as are all our churches - virtual congregations are certainly thriving...something to reflect upon when we come through this, and how do we keep our presence both physically and digitally...thoughts?

So as we look towards Holy Week, and for some this 'lock down' could be quite challenging - especially as we have no end in sight, but we have hope - this week we have to go through Good Friday to get to Easter Day - so we will get there, but it may be tough on the way.

Services for the week:

So plans for the week, it would be really good to have as many folk as possible involved with readings, and intercessions - you don't have to be a regular reader or intercessor in church - rather be able to  record either video or audio, and then send to me.

We really can do this together!

We need the following:

Maundy Thursday:

First Reading Exodus 12: 1-4, 11-14

Psalm 116, 1, 10-end

Second reading 1 Corinthians 11 23-26


Good Friday:

Stations of the Cross: Brian McHenry

Last Hour of the Cross: Rev. Kevin was down for this at St Dunstan's so waiting to hear what he may have in mind.

Easter Day:

First reading Jeremiah 31 1-6

Psalm: 118 1-2, 14-24

Second Reading: Acts 10 34-43

Please do give this a thought - we are all (myself included!) on a very steep learning curve, so great if we can put something together between us!

God Bless, and please do keep sending your photos to Samuel.

Keep safe, keep connected and keep praying.

Morning prayer on YouTube: https://youtu.be/5JH0D24-kVs 

Words from today's psalm, 41, "And so Lord be merciful to me: heal me, for I have sinned against you"

Rev Jo


Hello everyone,

Another sunny day here, but it is so strange, and am missing you, especially this morning, at least in the knowledge that many of you were there watching, but it really isn't the same...

So here is the link that will take you to the service, and a steep learning curve for us all.

All well here and hope with you, keep connected, keep praying and safe

Click on this link:


God Bless,

Rev Jo


Hello everyone,

Just a brief note from me today, as is my day off but just wanted to send through the Order of Service for tomorrow, along with the readings and bulletin. All is well here and we have been enjoying spending some time in the garden (though did venture out to Morrisons this morning!)
The Palm Sunday Eucharist will be streamed live at 10.00 from the Rectory - this can be seen on FaceBook Live if you follow this link, will take you straight there: You don't have to join Facebook to watch, as it is a public post.


It will then be on our YouTube Channel once I have uploaded it after the service, and I will send a link through once I have uploaded it.

Attached are the following:
Order of Service for tomorrow in Word.doc St Dunstan & St Mildred
Booklet for Holy Week & Easter
Refectory Catering Services menu for w/c 6th April
Readings for tomorrow

You will see from the Bulletin that there will be Compline Monday - Weds of Holy Week at 7.00, then Service from here Maundy Thursday, Stations of the Cross on Good Friday Morning, Last Hour of the Cross in the afternoon, and then service here on Easter Day at 10.00

Will keep you up to speed with everything.

God Bless, keep connected, keep safe and keep praying.

Rev Jo


Good morning everyone,

Well, at least I got the date right today - and hope this finds you all well, as it is here at the Rectory. So what did we get up to yesterday - a routine, if you can call it that, is beginning to emerge - writing this and then Morning Prayer, which I will then upload to our new YouTube channel which is now up and running...send this off to you all, and then catching up with emails - and planning for Holy Week and Easter - and working out what we can and can't do online, putting together Orders of Service, etc. 

Then in the afternoons I am putting aside time to catch up with folk on the phone, touching base and keeping as connected as I can...that is interspersed with our daily exercise, which entailed a trip down to Hedges Butchers, and then back via the expanse of grass between us and the university behind us, where we had a good game of throw and catch (exercise for the day - photo sent to Samuel!)

I will forward to you (easier that way) St Dunstan's Resident's Newsletter which has some helpful information on.

Please keep a close eye on email for plans for Palm Sunday - we are finalising the arrangements for this, streaming it live as we did last week, with a dramatized reading of the Passion Gospel, followed by a Zoom Coffee morning...watch this space for more info.

Here is a link to YouTube for this morning's Morning Prayer.

Meanwhile, from this morning's reading from Hebrews 13.6, "The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid".

Take care, keep connected, keep praying and keep safe.

God Bless

Rev Jo

THURSDAY 2 April 2020

Good morning, and another sunny day here at the Rectory and all is well - getting into a routine, as I sense we all probably are of this 'new norm'.

Yesterday was spent on emails and calls, good to hear that so many of you are ringing around other folk, and especially those who aren't on this email.

Resources: Do check out this website for resources - everything that I have sent through to you, if you have missed it, is under Resources.

Holy Week & Easter: Am currently putting together literature for this and will send to you all by email, and for those without will post.

Palm Crosses: We are not permitted to distribute palm crosses (CofE guidance yesterday), so as I suggested yesterday perhaps if we make them or even make one for your front door, a little one like a wreath - that is what I might try and do here, and then we can take photos for our website.

Reflections for Holy Week: It would be good if we could perhaps have a daily reflection next week in the morning, if you would like to email one to me and then I can incorporate it into this briefing to you all.
YouTube channel:  We now have a YouTube Channel where you will be able to see our services that have been pre-recorded.  I will speak with Ana & Martin today to get this direct link (click above).  Our two services are uploaded. 

From today's Psalm 40: "You are my helper and my deliverer, oh my God make no delay".

Keep safe, keep well and keep connected.

God Bless 

Rev Jo

WEDNESDAY 1 April 2020

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all well on this rather cold and frosty morning and it is April 1st - so lots to think about. 

Who would have thought, on April 1st a year ago I have just looked in my diary, and we were all full-on with our Parish activities - it was a Monday - Lent Course, poetry group, hall and fabric meeting...who would have thought a year on we would be 'locked down'.  This has certainly made me think, as am sure it has for all of us.

Being creative: It is an opportunity for us all perhaps to stop and think - an enforced 'pause' but I wonder what life will be like the other side of this? For those who are poets/artists - do be creative.  When we come out the other end of this, perhaps we can have a 'picture board' of what we have done or made, written or painted.  For those who are knitters/crocheters maybe making some symbols of hope...a cross/heart/bells/flowers....just a thought, and as we had our churches adorned with poppies a couple of years ago we could do the same for when we return from exile....food for thought!

Palm CrossesMany of you would have returned your palm crosses to church to be burnt on Ash Wednesday, so how about making one - out of paper or twigs from the garden.  Again be creative.  Then on Sunday in our service which will be streamed from the Rectory we can use them.....

Any thoughts about being creative, do email them through...

Words from today's psalm, Psalm 55: "Hear my prayer, O God, hide not yourself from my petition".

God Bless you all, keep safe, keep praying and keep connected.

Rev Jo

PS I won at Catan last night! Sending photo to Samuel!


Good morning everyone,

Another beautiful sunny day, and so  quiet - sitting here I can hear the birdsong from the garden, and so few vapour trails across the sky - reminds me of the time of the Ash Cloud in 2010 - we got stranded in Malta, could have been worse! Whilst there all flights were suspended, so we had the choice to either sit by the pool for another week, or make our own way back - being adventurous we opted for the latter - the first cargo ship out of Malta to Italy was going in a few days - so we took it - ironically our visit coincided with the Pope, so we did get to attend Mass with him, prior to leaving - took a couple of days, but got back eventually via ship and train, and then a flight....

All well here at the Rectory - the four of us all in our rooms/study, meeting for lunch, tea and supper, but we do go out for our prescribed exercise, and then games in the evening - Catan again - still haven't won, but did win Rummikub the other evening (note St Mildred's folk!!) a bonus of this stay at home - no evening meetings, and board games!! (will take a picture tonight)

So yesterday spent working with Ana (via WhatsApp) to get  our YouTube Channel up and running - so will be live streaming from that rather than FaceBook Live - instructions will be forth coming. Being so media-savvy wasn't something that was taught at theological college, so learning on the hoof as they say - but we are all in the same boat!

Then emails, phone calls, and planning dear Marjorie's funeral - all being well will be having a memorial service in church in due course, but please keep family in your prayers.

Palm Sunday: I have booklets which I will email out with the Passion Reading, I now have a Zoom account - what that means is I email you the password, which you then log in, and then as many as possible of you join and we can do the Passion Reading - need 3 key readers, and then crowd as though, good to have folk from across the Benefice. We would need to do a practice before the service on Sunday - but please email me if interested...

Photos: Do keep sending photos through as we are getting quite a gallery - looking good. dmpphotos.canterbury@gmail.com
Off now for Morning Prayer...to be continued! Those who are following Morning Prayer - will be moving to YouTube, but will keep you posted.
Children's activity sheet: Please forward this to any of our children and young people who might be interested - it is compiled by Rev. Hannah - as part of our 'Holiday Club' - All Saints, St Paul's and our three churches - is really excellent material.
Bible Study - not too late to join our bible study/discussion which is soon to begin with Rev. Brian (email above)
Attachments can be found in Resources page:
Children Activity sheets
Menu for Refectory Catering. 

Words from today's reading from Hebrews 12:1-2: "Therefore since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and the sin that clings so closely, and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus the pioneer and perfector of our faith, who for the sake of the joy that was set before him endured the cross, disregarding its shame, and has taken his seat at the right hand of the throne of God"

Have a good day!

Keep praying, keep safe and keep connected.

God Bless

Rev Jo


Good morning everyone

 Hope this finds you all well, as we enter our second week of 'lockdown'.  All well here at the Rectory, and what a strange time we are in.  It was lovely to have so many of you able to share our service yesterday morning - and what a long Gospel that was!  Thank you Brian for your weekend.  So now we are in Passiontide,] and in both St Mildred's and St Peter's yesterday we would have marked this by veiling the church - putting coverings over the crosses, acknowledging that this is a step change in our Lenten journey and our walk towards the Cross. 

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday and we have produced booklets which you would all have had in church but I will send these out on-line.  It would be good to work on this so we can have different voices.  There is something called Zoom, which will enable us to do this - and you really don't have to be techy to do this so many folk tell me, (including my parents who are doing their bible study via Zoom).  So more details tomorrow about that.
Website:  I have asked Ana to be responsible for uploading resources onto that so if you come across anything interesting which might be helpful to others, please send it to Ana and I and between us we can get it on there.  This is really useful.  If you open it, you will see that Jennie who does the Canterbury Fruit Stall is now doing a delivery service.  Again, if you are on the phone to folk who are off-line, please do tell them when you are on the phone to them, and give them her number 07557785549.

Photos: please do keep sending them to Samuel.

Holy Week: We will be providing some resources for these.

From today's Psalm: 73: "Yet I am always with you, you hold me by my right hand".

Brian's sermon from yesterday (thank you Brian) is already uploaded onto the website.

Keep safe, keep praying and keep connected....off now for Morning Prayer, 9.00 
Facebook Live.
God Bless
Rev Jo


Dear Friends,
Hope this finds you well.  This is a brief update this morning as today is my rest day, other than to say all is well at the Rectory - another game of Catan last night and my daughter won again!  (Google it if you don't know what I am talking about!) then hopefully today some Rummikub.  Got introduced to that game by Tuesday Club at St Mildred's - brilliant game, and then hopefully some time in the garden.
Yesterday spent much of the morning on the phone and emails and then in the afternoon I have printed off  updates for our off-line folk, along with our Worship at Home booklets etc.  I took them to the post office to post so hopefully they will get there today, and be up to speed with everything.
Attachments: Several attachments:
  • Flyer from Refectory Catering Services (Jamie is a member of St Mildred's who runs a local catering business and is now doing home deliveries of meals)
  • Bulletin
Canterbury City Council: Please do register with them as per yesterday's briefing.  I have been in touch with them.  They are putting together a phone number for those not on-line, so that they too can register (that's 22 of our folk); hopefully available next week.

Photos:  Please do send any pics to dmpphotos.canterbury@gmail.com  So lovely to see your pictures on our website.  Keep sending them in.  You can send more than one, as it would be great to have a gallery of this time, and thanks to Samuel for uploading.

Keep safe, keep connected and keep praying.  No streamed Morning Prayer today - I encourage you to say it quietly yourselves, as I will, but will be back at 9.00 hrs on Monday.  See you tomorrow (Sunday) on-line at 10.00 hrs...

Rev Jo


Good morning everyone, and another beautiful morning out there. 
Update from the Rectory. 
Hope all is well with you all....all well here at the Rectory - last night after losing at Catan (board game) that we try and play every night.  We then stepped outside and applauded our wonderful NHS - will send a picture to our photo gallery.  So yesterday worked again on our Pastoral care plan, which is pretty much in place.  Then, had to pick the car up from the garage as it's MOT had expired and filled up with petrol - then ventured into Morrisons, as not much of a queue - allowed in one at a time, and to be honest, it was OK in there, all standing 2 metres apart.  No flour at all (we do like making cakes) but did manage loo rolls and eggs!! 
Now for some practical things:
Please read this - really important from Canterbury City Council, especially point 1
"Today the following online page and forms have gone live:
1. Asking vulnerable individuals across the district to make themselves known to us https://www.canterbury.gov.uk/coronavirus-advice-residents
2. Asking for fit and healthy volunteers to help get supplies and support to those in need https://www.canterbury.gov.uk/homepage/127/helping_in_your_community "
Please, please do register, even if you are OK now, in a week or two things may be different.  The virus is here in Canterbury.  The idea is that if you need help with shopping etc, help pick up prescriptions,  someone will be there for you who is registered with the council to offer this service.  This is so important.
For those who aren't on-line, I believe we can register for them - so that is where we can all help (an email address isn't needed).  Please take a look and we will work with the churchwardens to ensure all of our elderly and vulnerable are covered. 
Bible study/discussion group: Rev Brian McHenry is taking the lead with this.  This is NOT high-tech (promise).  All you need to do is to be able to email.  So if interested in joining his weekly group, please email Brian via the Benefice Office and he will get back to you with details.
Photos: Please do send your photos even a picture of your garden, or anything really - to know we are not alone.  Samuel will upload onto our website dmpphotos.canterbury@gmail.com
On-line resources: Ana and Caroline are working to get this up and running on our website.
Will send out Bulletin and readings for Sunday in due course - Services for this Sunday 29th March: 10.00 on-line from the Rectory - link on our website - details to follow.  Writing this feels so wrong - but it is not the church building - we are the church the Body of Christ, loving and supporting one another.
From today's Psalm 102: "O Lord hear my prayer, and let my crying come before you"
I have sent round Brian and Kevin's emails via email as they are there if I go down, and wardens as it is important you have their details along with Ana's.
God Bless.  Keep safe, keep connected and keep praying....off to Morning Prayer in the garden. 

Rev Jo


Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all well this morning. 
Another lovely sunny morning out there and yes, all still well here at the Rectory - husband working from home and daughters working on-line - uni and school respectively (son up in Manchester wfh). 

So a few things to update you all on:
Church buildings are closed but church is still open (photos will be in gallery - this is real��)

It really saddened me yesterday putting notices on our church buildings to say that they are shut.  As I put these on the doors (with a tear in my eye), I also realised how we are the Church; we are at this time the body of Christ at home and we must be salt and light in our local communities, and in our on-line community.  For those you know who aren't on-line, please do make a call to them.  We are setting up for our congregations phone circles so we can keep in touch with one another - do email me if you want further details.

So yesterday, having chatted to many on the phone, we set up on our website a photo gallery.  If you have already sent me photos, please can you resend to: dmpphotos.canterbury@gmail.com Samuel Woods is uploading these (thank you Samuel).  But a few 'ground rules' please: 

  • No pictures of children 
  • No pictures that can identify where you live
  • Copyright remains with the photographer, your own photos unless you have permission from the photographer. 
  • Please can you date the photo and a small caption e.g. completed jigsaw!  Over time we can then have quite a gallery of what we have been up to.  (If Samuel is unable to, we have three others who can upload them.  Samuel also uploads our sermons and we will continue with that).

Bible Study/discussion groups 

I have asked the ministerial team to explore this more - so watch this space.

On-line resources 

The Church of England is putting together lots of on-line resources at www.churchofengland.org  We are also putting together a resources page on our website so you can download Orders of Services etc.

Live Streaming

Thank you all for sharing Morning Prayer with me.  It is good to know we are doing it together.  I will also be live-streaming a service from the Rectory at 10.00 hrs on Sunday 29 March (Passion Sunday/Lent 5) - we will get readings out to you for that in due course. 

Food Bank

A message from Martin Ward, Chair of Canterbury Foodbank: 'A huge thank you to everyone who has so generously supported the food bank, at this time when so many families are struggling (to date over £15000 has been raised.  Thank you for all those who have donated via our webpage)'.

Vulnerable people: I received this yesterday, and looks very helpful.
If you/anyone in your network knows of people who may be vulnerable in these times of coronavirus but who haven't received anything from the NHS about being on the "official" vulnerable list, there is a form that can be filled in by the person or on their behalf: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus-extremely-vulnerable.  People are encouraged to register even if they are unsure they have a condition which would make them eligible.

Food Delivery
Hedges (Butchers are doing a free home delivery service for local people: 01227 463164).
As we hear of more will let you know.  Please do share as much information with folk you know who are not on-line.  Many thanks.

God Bless and keep safe, keep praying and keep connected...remember although our church buildings are shut, church is very much open!
Bye for now, and catch up tomorrow (albeit brief as is my 'rest day')...
Rev Jo


Hope all well this morning - all OK here at the Rectory.
So yesterday, kept very busy putting together our pastoral care plan (thank goodness for telephones).  Please let me know if you know of anyone you may be concerned about or who would appreciate a call.

Then in the evening, went for a brisk walk through the city centre, which was pretty much deserted.  I wanted to go via our three churches to check at least from the outside.  It was inevitable that they were to be closed - 'building is closed, but church very much open'. 

All being well, I hope to celebrate the Eucharist here from my study at the Rectory and 'live steam' on Sunday.  Who would have thought three months ago when we were all celebrating Christmas together that this would be on the cards?....But what is encouraging in a strange way is that I feel more connected to so many of you.  Lovely to have your emails.  Apologies, I can't respond to all, but all are read - huge thank you.

So today, I have put notices on the church door/notice boards to say that the buildings are shut.  That saddens me but I guess it was inevitable - but it is the building - Church is us - the Body of Christ.

Watch this space, as looking to upload photos of the website of what folk have done, e.g. garden, an jigsaw etc, (but please no pictures of children) - watch this space.  Samuel, Martin and Caroline will be in touch about this.

Bible study: interest has been expressed to set up bible study/discussion groups online.   Could do online platforms such as Team/Zoom/ etc...anyone willing to explore this?... especially if this for the long haul.  Would be good to get something set up.
At noon we have been asked to recite the Lord's prayer by the Pope and Archbishop - I will 'live stream' then.  If you could say it at 12.00 midday.

Here at the Rectory we are lighting a candle in the window at 7.00 as we must remember - Jesus is the Light of the World.
God Bless you all and remember... keep safe, keep praying and keep connected.   ee you soon for Morning Prayer.  Yesterday we had 867 views (normally it is just one, two or three of us), and it reached 3770 folk around the world...God is moving in the most amazing ways in these most challenging times.
Also set up Twitter account: DMP Canterbury (more details later).
God Bless
Rev Jo

Tuesday 24 MARCH 2020

Good morning everyone,

What a very different world we are in this morning but may I begin with assuring you of my prayers and those on our worshippers' list.  I pray your name every evening - last night that was in St Mildred's but alas for the last time.

Bishop Rose wrote last night to say our churches are now all shut - and we are awaiting further guidance from the Church of England. So as it is a glorious day, Morning Prayer will be from the Rectory Garden at 9.00 hrs.  

  • We are contacting folk on our lists who we know are living alone and or are vulnerable.  If you fall into that category and we haven't yet been in touch please do phone today on 07824 155355
  • If you are anxious about someone, again please let me or one of the churchwardens know.
  • Morning prayer: you can find this at www.churchofengland.org or get the Daily Prayer App and we can do this all together.
  • Please do keep phoning around folk.  We are getting phone circles set up but in the meantime please keep in touch by phone or WhatsApp - and perhaps WhatsApp Video so we can see one another.  Again I am on WhatsApp 07824155355
  •  Please keep in touch with those who aren't on-line, as they don't get these updates 
  • Please forward to folk if you feel they are not on the list or would like to receive this - I can add their names.
Doing church differently (on-line) meant that we had 383 views for Morning Prayer yesterday!! (Reached 1573 folk) and for our Sunday Eucharist on Sunday, we have had over 101 views and reached 210 folk.  Although we have about 20 following live, the service can be viewed throughout the day and from around the world.  Yesterday we had folk in Australia and Singapore!

Words from today's Psalm (54), "Behold, God is my helper; it is the Lord who upholds my life".

God Bless and keep safe, keep in touch and keep praying.

Rev Jo


Good morning everyone,
Well at least the sun is shining and it is a beautiful day out there.  Our magnolia tree here at the Rectory is looking stunning. 
It was lovely to have so many of you sharing our Eucharist yesterday morning - we have 81 views to date! And you can still see it here.  You don't have to be on Facebook to watch.  The hardest bit for me was to close and lock the church door beforehand - how crazy is that?!  But to know so may of you were there was great.  And same again next week!  We will do it from St Dunstan's as neither St Mildred's or St Peter's have internet cover (St Peter's it drops in and out).  Though whilst we can, St Peter's will be open for an hour at 12.00 and St Mildred's for an hour at 17.00 hrs, each for private prayer.  If we hear otherwise, will keep you posted (some dioceses have been instructed to shut completely, so watch this space).
You might not hear the bell at St Dunstan's this morning as we were ringing yesterday and it suddenly stopped but Len is on the case and it should be up and running again soon. Though Bell ringing at St Peter's and St Mildred's is going well, quite exhausting!
Although doing a Facebook live Morning Prayer, Evening prayer is quiet and for your personal prayer requests, so do send anything through in confidence.
So when not on the computer/phone what else are we up to here?  One jigsaw is nearly done, and we try and play a board game in the evening - as a family we love any board game.
I am wondering if we can have a photo gallery on our website and you send your photos there? 
Thank you all for your emails, prayers, and support, it is lovely to get them.
Please do let us know if you need shopping doing as several of you have offered to help.
If anyone out there is techy and wants to set up discussion groups/bible study using Zoom, to focus on weekly Gospel readings please do so - this can be done virtually. 
Please do keep in touch with folk that you know who aren't on-line, (there are several out there) and will need phone calls - perhaps read them my daily updates/sermon??  Attached is the sermon from yesterday.

Love and prayers to you all, 
Keep well, keep connected and keep praying!  

Rev Jo


Good morning everyone,

So I am sitting at kitchen table preparing for our service this morning.  It is so very strange knowing that you won't be there in person, but there spiritually, and hopefully on-line  - prayers please that it will all work!  You hopefully have Order of Service sent yesterday to follow at home with the readings.  Tune in at 10.00 hrs.  Also attached is Guidance on Spiritual Communion and Coronavirus from the Church of England.  Perhaps after our service we can have 'virtual coffee' and a chat over the phone to one another, as we would normally do after our services.

Also there is a link to financially support the Foodbank, which is really struggling at the moment through hugely increased demand.

Yesterday I did work in the morning putting together our pastoral care plan - then went to Morrisons - and to be honest it wasn't that busy.  Some food there (I was surprised) - and lots of Corona beer.  I must admit I did have a chuckle.  You do need to have a smile in these difficult times.  Will upload some photos that you are sending through, which are lovely.

Well, keep safe, keep praying and keep connected, will update later. 

It is Mothering Sunday, so special thoughts for so many of you who are not able to be with mothers/children/grandchildren and for those for whom today is a very difficult day, it is a really tough day.
A prayer for today (from the Cathedral)
God of hope,
in times of disappointment
you lead us to seek fresh purpose and new hope.
Be with all those who are unable to participate
in events they were looking forward to this weekend.
Amidst the sadness, help us to find joy in the simple things of daily living,
and amidst the difficulty of today, remind us of the hope of better things to come
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

God Bless you all

Rev Jo

Saturday 21 March 2020

Morning everyone,

Lots to catch up on, and hope you are all well out there - and the sun is shining. 

Thank you to those who have sent their pictures through - it will be lovely to have pictures of what we are up to.  Yesterday I did Morning Prayer from St Dunstan's where I have 4G and therefore could do Facebook Live.  You don't have to be on Facebook to look at this: put into Google 'Facebook Benefice of St Dunstan, St Mildred, and St Peter, Canterbury' or click this link.   I am live streaming from St Dunstan's for Morning Prayer tomorrow and will be having a Eucharist 'behind closed doors' at 10.00 am.  Here is the Order of Service so that you can join in.  Attached is our Worship from Home booklet (thank you Ana for putting it into booklet form).  I have posted through doors of those not online but if you can't see it, please let us know and we can post one to you.  

God Bless you all, and catch up soon.

...more later today, as I am going to do Morning Prayer from the Rectory study at 9.00 am today.  Saturdays is my 'day-off' though I will keep this updated and make some calls and this afternoon will go for a walk (promise!!).

Rev Jo

Friday 20 March 2020

Morning everyone,

Hope all well this morning, and still all well at the Rectory - will keep you posted if any of us falls ill and I would have to isolate but so far OK and with you too.

So yesterday, I did Morning Prayer at St Dunstan's; lovely to have the church open and all the lights on (thought worth it); shows we are open. Then did Midday Prayer at St Peter's which was lovely.  High Street so quiet.  Sat there and could here the birds singing in the churchyard (Dan is still keeping an eye on the churchyard which is good news).  An afternoon on the phone catching up with several of you and then walked through a very quiet city to St Mildred's and said Evening Prayer there.  I had a thought - why don't we create a photo gallery of what we are up to and I can post on my daily bulletin and our Facebook Page?  Let's create a virtual gallery, maybe of your garden.

Off soon to St Dunstan's and hope to record Facebook Live Morning Prayer.  You don't have to sign up to Facebook to watch.  Just Google 'Facebook St Dunstan, St Mildred, St Peter, Canterbury', and it will come up, or click here and if I get the technology right, you may see me doing Morning Prayer.  Will do the same again at Midday at St Peter's and then again at St Mildred's for Evening Prayer.

Do keep in touch with each other - more ideas to follow....and do please make suggestions on what we can all do in these very different times. 
Remember 19.00 hrs on Sunday, to light a candle in your window (safely) as a sign of prayer...details to follow.

God Bless you all.
Rev Jo

Prayer for today taken from the Church of England's website:

Lord Jesus Christ

you taught us to love our neighbour

and to care for those in need

as if we were caring for you.

In this time of anxiety, give us strength

to comfort the fearful,

to tend the sick,

and to assure the isolated of our love

and your love, 

for your name's sake. 


Thursday 19 March 2020

Dear Friends

Well this rather feels like a 'new norm' and here is our daily update....
So yesterday I learnt how to bell ring on my own; I did contact Len first to ensure I knew what I was doing, and unlike when I rang the bell for my licensing, my feet stayed on the floor.  Then I said Morning Prayer in St Dunstan's.  I went to St Mildred's and caught up with a couple of folk there to advise that our Eucharist was cancelled. ��  Then I spent much of the morning in the office ensuring we had all the congregation contact details (please say if you would rather not receive this).  Then the afternoon was spent ringing round many folk - we do need to ensure that our more elderly and vulnerable have food in their cupboards.

Today I am going to trial Morning Prayer at St Dunstan's, and we are keeping church there open.  Midday Prayer at St Peter's - have church open for an hour, and then Evening Prayer around 17.00 hrs at St Mildred's, and again chance to have church open.

It is worth noting the Cathedral is filming their Eucharist: live streaming of a midday Eucharist every day and said Evening Prayer at 17.30 hrs on weekdays and 15.15 hrs on weekends using this link.

We are also working to film a Eucharist this Sunday, so watch this space - this is a steep learning curve for us all!
As we hear more I will update you all.  Do call if you have any queries; several folk have said that they can help with shopping etc.
Words from today's psalm, Psalm 25: 'To you O Lord, I lift up my soul: O my God in you I trust'.

Please do keep safe, keep praying and keep connected.
God Bless ������
Rev Jo 

Safeguarding link